Paul J. Sullivan

Miami Heat Credits Clutch

“We used the messaging in this book throughout the 2012-13 season and words can’t even describe the feelings of how this ‘mantra’ became a reality for us during the 2013 playoffs.”
—Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat head coach

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Clutch Named a Best Business Book

Strategy + Business magazine hails Clutch for exploring how to shine when the stakes and the pressure to perform are high. Read full article (PDF) »

Mr. Sullivan has sallied forth with notepad and pen in hand to tell individual stories... [He] takes his examples from sports, business, the military and the stage. He explains right away that there are five traits that help people pull off a clutch performance... More »

Wall Street Journal

Clutch, by New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan, is a well-written examination of what makes a person perform despite stress. It's not luck, he emphasizes; it's "the ability to do what you can do normally under immense pressure. More »

Time Magazine

Is clutch performance just a fluke? Paul Sullivan, in this terrific book, says no. With the deft touch of a skilled storyteller, he brings us into the minds and souls of people who come through when the stakes are high. Clutch is the ultimate guide to understanding high achievement and to stepping up your own game.More »

Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

Everyone knows that it’s difficult to work under intense pressure, but what Paul Sullivan explains so well in this book is that there is a certain art to it that anyone can master. Clutch is an engaging and insightful read that will help you overcome even the toughest challenges.

Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach

Anyone who feels that they tend to lose their confidence when the stakes are high can glean something from this analysis.

Associated Press

New York Times columnist Sullivan looks at a bunch of case histories to determine why some people succeed while others fail, miserably and otherwise....his anecdotes, insights and observations are interesting and provocative.

The Miami Herald

Paul Sullivan writes the Wealth Matters column for The New York Times. His articles have appeared in Conde Nast Portfolio, The International Herald Tribune, Barron’s, and the Financial Times, where he was a reporter, editor, and columnist. He lives in Stamford, CT with his family.