Paul J. Sullivan


“Is clutch performance just a fluke? Paul Sullivan, in this terrific book, says no. With the deft touch of a skilled storyteller, he brings us into the minds and souls of people who come through when the stakes are high.”
—Daniel H. Pink

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About the Book

Learn the secrets of top performers who excel under pressure and maintain an edge over the competition…

Athletes regularly face win-or-lose situations, but so do business leaders, soldiers, litigators, even average people making crucial decisions about their lives. What usually happens? Most people crumble under extreme pressure. But a few not only succeed but thrive under the pressure. These people are clutch. Can the rest of us learn to be like them?

According to journalist Paul Sullivan, clutch performers have figured out how to perform under high stress conditions as if they were everyday situations. How do they do it?

Drawing on new research and interviews with stars across a range of fields, Sullivan uncovers the shared traits that define clutch performers and explains how anyone can apply these lessons to become great under pressure. You’ll meet:

  • A skinny, rodeo-obsessed sergeant who saved his battalion in Iraq.
  • A rookie baseball player who pitched his team into its first World Series.
  • An eccentric psychiatrist who trained a group of financial traders to become the best in the world.
  • A lawyer who struggled in school but is now one of the top litigators in America.