Paul J. Sullivan

Clutch is Now Available

New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan’s first book, Clutch, uncovers the shared traits that define clutch performers and explains how anyone can apply these lessons to become great under pressure.

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Table of Contents

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    Introduction: What's Clutch?

    Part I: Why People Are Clutch

  1. Focus: The Morality Plays of David Boies
  2. Discipline: When the Stakes Are as High as They Can Be
  3. Adapting: Fighting the Fight, Not the Plan
  4. Being Present: Opening-Night Jitters and the Role of a Lifetime
  5. Fear and Desire: Living Life Without a Plan B
  6. Double Clutch: What Billie Jean King Did for Women
  7. Part II: Why People Choke

  8. A Leader’s Responsibility: How the Reputations of Ken Lewis and Jamie Dimon Fell and Rose in the Financial Crisis
  9. The Perils of Overthinking: Rehearsing the Speech Before the Victory
  10. Overconfidence Starts the Fall: What the Worst Factory in America Cost GM and Taught Toyota
  11. Part III: How to Be Clutch

  12. How to Be Clutch with Your Money: Knowing When to Quit
  13. How to Be Clutch in Sports: Trust What Got You There

Conclusion: The Tiger Conundrum: Is He Still Clutch?